• Man hurt in York City apartment fire - 07/02/2015 02:20 PM EDT
    EDITORIAL: Reform charter school laws

    07/02/2015 10:56 AM EDT
    The results of a state audit of York City's Helen Thackston Charter School paint a picture of education in disarray and highlight the urgent need to reform Pennsylvania's charter school laws. 
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    EDITORIAL: Time to dig deeper
    06/25/2015 01:39 AM EDT - York County Commissioner Chris Reilly and those in the commissioners' office have a perception problem. Full Story

    Roof and the fear of black takeover
    06/24/2015 01:35 AM EDT - I noticed the flags first. In the most widely circulated image of Dylann Roof, who is charged with murdering nine African Americans at Charleston, South Carolina's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the white 21-year-old sports a jacket emblazoned with flag patches from two failed white supremacist states — Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa. Full Story

    Reasons to block the Keystone XL pipeline
    06/24/2015 01:35 AM EDT - The Keystone XL pipeline is a political lightning rod, a symbol around which have gathered stark opposing views. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Fateful meeting spurs senator to action
    06/24/2015 01:36 AM EDT - Sometimes it takes a personal connection for a lawmaker to take on a cause. We're just sorry that that had to happen in a recent case. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Coexisting with Pa. wildlife
    06/22/2015 11:55 AM EDT - Some 18,000 black bears inhabit Pennsylvania, and while sightings increase, particularly at this time of year, attacks on humans are very rare. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Well, that's alarming
    06/18/2015 12:48 PM EDT - The state Department of Environmental Protection doesn't know if contaminated wells in York County were fouled by run-off from a chemical plant fire last week in Adams County or from nearby farming activity. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Break the cycle of poverty
    06/17/2015 09:37 AM EDT - The recently released results of a national survey of teachers reinforces what many have been saying for decades about the state of education in York City: Any plan to improve the district's poor academic performance has to address a system that concentrates poverty in York County's seat — which automatically puts the students and schools at a disadvantage. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Go outside and play!
    06/15/2015 08:51 AM EDT - There is this story we Gen Xers and Baby Boomers like to tell about our youth. You know, the youth in which there was no such thing as sitting around playing your video games or binge watching online streaming video. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Good People. Good News
    06/12/2015 12:40 PM EDT - We hear it all the time. "Why don't you guys ever write about any good news?" Well, we do. We always have. Full Story

    Hot-air balloon hits tree, catches fire at Utah festival

    PROVO, Utah (AP) — A witness says a pig-shaped hot-air balloon crashed into a tree and caught fire at a balloon festival in Utah, cutting the pilot's face. Full Story
    (Matthew Mead — The Associated Press)
    Be the hit of the picnic with sangria

    cocktail: Keep this bubbly drink chilled and don't add too much ice.
    Want to be the hero of your July Fourth gathering? Leave the burgers and dogs to somebody else. Ditto for the potato and pasta salads. Full Story