EDITORIAL: Parents know a thing about raising kids, too

04/16/2014 07:55 AM EDT
Pennsylvania could soon join the majority of states that regulate minors' use of indoor tanning facilities. 
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EDITORIAL: If not this bill, what?
04/15/2014 07:30 AM EDT - Good leaders don't surround themselves with sycophants. Still, it's rare to see a top administrator publicly pooh-pooh his employer's plan as she's trying to rally support for it in the state capital. Full Story

EDITORIAL: To boldly go in search of funding ...
04/14/2014 08:00 AM EDT - Thumbs up: It takes the right stuff to soar. And the aspiring rocket scientists at Spring Grove Area High School weren't going to let a little thing like NASA budget cuts keep them grounded. Full Story

EDITORIAL: What's under the CAP?
04/11/2014 07:11 AM EDT - When then-candidate Scott Wagner alleged back-room dealing by state GOP honchos to fill a vacant state Senate seat, it resonated. Full Story

EDITORIAL: New Hope supporters can help transform York City schools
04/10/2014 07:51 AM EDT - Supporters trying to overturn the order closing York City's New Hope Academy have one option left. Tuesday's Commonwealth Court ruling was yet one more nail in the school's coffin, affirming earlier decisions from both the York City School District and a state-level appeals board not to renew its charter. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Irrational fear of medical marijuana
04/09/2014 07:38 AM EDT - Twenty states allow marijuana use for medical conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis and glaucoma to AIDS and post-traumatic stress disorder. Full Story

EDITORIAL: What's the hang-up on cell phone ban?
04/08/2014 07:52 AM EDT - Of 67 counties in Pennsylvania, York ranks seventh in the number of texting-while-driving citations issued. Full Story

EDITORIAL: 'Sorry' might be nice, too
04/07/2014 07:48 AM EDT - Thumbs up: A potentially expensive court fight has been avoided, thanks to York City School District officials acknowledging their mistakes. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Ethics rule not enough
04/04/2014 08:03 AM EDT - Pennsylvania House members should not accept cash "gifts" from lobbyists. Duh. We might add that they shouldn't rob people or steal cars, either. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Now for the hard part
04/03/2014 07:00 AM EDT - Scott Wagner isn't going to do a lot in the state Senate. He's not going to take a state pension, taxpayer-funded vehicle or per diem, for instance. Full Story

(Hanna and betty photos)
Review: Restaurant a bad fit for these families

The York Dispatch restaurant reviewers Betty and Hanna swung south to visit the Mason Dixon Family Restaurant, 3 Old Farm Lane, Shrewsbury. Full Story