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    EDITORIAL: App links district, families

    08/18/2014 06:41 PM EDT
    Thumbs up: Students and parents can now get all the latest information from the West York Area School District with the tap of an app. 
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    EDITORIAL: Justice delayed
    08/15/2014 12:55 PM EDT - With three vacant judicial seats, the York County Common Pleas Court is on the verge of becoming a "sinking ship." Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Learn signs of depression
    08/14/2014 08:34 AM EDT - Watching a Robin Williams' performance was like riding a roller coaster — a hilarious, 60 mph ride through hairpin turns and corkscrew loops. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: It's not me — it's you
    08/13/2014 07:09 AM EDT - Dear Congress, I feel awful about the timing of this letter and hope it doesn't ruin your vacation but I have to get something off my chest. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: All things equal
    08/12/2014 09:47 AM EDT - The state's new Basic Education Funding Commission has a year to recommend a fix for the inequitable formula now used to distribute money to Pennsylvania's 500 school districts. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Luck and a good eye
    08/11/2014 08:24 AM EDT - Thumbs up: Southwestern Regional Officer Dennis Brillhart is known for his good eye. "He's an officer who routinely finds these things that are out of place," said Chief Greg Bean. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Could you spot an addict?
    08/08/2014 10:16 AM EDT - York County's heroin problem has reached epidemic proportions. That's according to people on the front lines of a battle to raise awareness about a drug afflicting all walks of life. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Debts not yet paid
    08/07/2014 07:11 AM EDT - York County Clerk of Courts Don O'Shell makes no excuses. Some of his employees were not notifying the state Department of Transportation about defendants who pleaded guilty or were convicted of certain drug offenses — crimes that carried automatic six-month license suspensions. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Think Loud and hard
    08/06/2014 07:39 AM EDT - Appearances matter. State Rep. Kevin Schreiber didn't do anything illegal — or unethical, according to legal advice he sought — when he sold his home to a company owned by the CEO of Think Loud Development, which was awarded a $5 million state grant in July. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: The heart of the matter
    08/05/2014 03:12 PM EDT - A little more than a year ago, Melissa Garrett and Jacqueline Reed were treated as second-class citizens in Pennsylvania. Full Story

    86-year-old Utah woman writes romance novel

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — An 86-year-old Utah woman became a first-time novelist by writing a steamy romance novel about a bored housewife. Full Story
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    Preserving the Harvest: Raspberry compote tops your favorite treats

    This past week, I made raspberry compote. A friend of mine brought me raspberries fresh-picked from her parents' home in Berks County, and I just love raspberry compote on angel food cake. Full Story
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    Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson set for DC Comics film

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says he will play a role in an upcoming DC Comics movie adaption but has yet to decide between superhero Shazam and his arch-nemesis Black Adam. Full Story