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    EDITORIAL: Beer drinkers, rejoice

    03/30/2015 10:28 AM EDT
    In a welcome act of expediency, the state Liquor Control Board has decided to allow distributers to split cases of beer to sell as 12-packs. 
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    EDITORIAL: Rosie the role model
    03/27/2015 11:14 AM EDT - Thumbs up: The Dallastown Area School District community should be proud of Rosie Arbittier. The high school junior noticed the district lacked after-school programs for special needs students and last year took it upon herself to meet that need. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Uneasy about latest York City cut
    03/27/2015 11:12 AM EDT - Times are tough. We get it. And we support some of the difficult decisions York officials have had to make as they tighten the city's belt. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: God and a good eye
    03/25/2015 08:45 AM EDT - York County 911's Dispatcher of the Year for 2015 won't be named for more a than year, but we'd like to submit an early nomination. Full Story

    OP-ED: Wolf spending sounds good, but at what cost?
    03/25/2015 08:34 AM EDT - On March 3, Gov. Tom Wolf outlined his budget priorities for the coming fiscal year. The plan would increase spending from $29 billion to $33. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Congress should act on cannabis
    03/24/2015 08:49 AM EDT - If you believe state Sen. Mike Folmer, some medical professionals are erring on the side of caution when it comes to medical marijuana. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Some love for the RDA
    03/23/2015 08:41 AM EDT - Thumbs up: We might not typically applaud York City for buying an adult boutique, but it's a good move for the Redevelopment Authority to acquire the burned-out former porn shop, Cupid's Connexion. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: The toll heroin takes
    03/18/2015 01:39 PM EDT - In The York Dispatch's weeklong series on the heroin epidemic in York, one statistic stands out: York County Coroner Pam Gay said she saw as many as seven or eight heroin deaths in a single month in 2014. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Shining a light on public access
    03/16/2015 10:42 AM EDT - Every year newspapers across America shine a spotlight on the state of open records laws that are supposed to ensure easy access to documents created in our name and with our money. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Time out, Sen. Wagner
    03/13/2015 12:17 PM EDT - Sticks and stones may break your bones ... but we expect more from our lawmakers than name-calling. A group of demonstrators gathered Wednesday in front of state Sen. Full Story

    (Dan Goodman/AP)
    Surplus symbols: How many state bugs and beans do we need?

    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Whoopie pies, the K4s steam locomotive, the Carolina Shag and Harney silt loam share a common bond: Each is a treasured member of the eclectic and, some say, out-of-control state symbol club. Full Story
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    From Scratch: Welcome spring with greens and pasta

    Plant when the ground can be worked. I fell for this mantra on the seed packages for a couple of years until I finally wised up. Full Story
    (Robert Viglasky/AP)
    Review: 'Woman in Gold,' a remarkable story lifelessly told

    "Woman in Gold" has a rich story to tell. The true account of Maria Altmann's fight to reclaim a famed Gustav Klimt painting of her aunt, "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I," first stolen by the Nazis and then appropriated by Austria after the war, is laced with riveting history, deep and complex emotion, and fascinating bureaucracy. Full Story