EDITORIAL: Wolf's sales tax plan too broad

04/17/2015 02:48 PM EDT
Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed a bold tax-restructuring plan to deal with a roughly $2 billion budget deficit while also boosting education spending. 
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EDITORIAL: Get on board with Narcan
04/15/2015 09:15 AM EDT - Three thumbs down: To police departments in York City, Wrightsville and Lower Windsor Township. As officers in other York County departments are saving lives by carrying the opioid-overdose remedy naloxone, Wrightsville and Lower Windsor have opted out of receiving the free antidote. Full Story

EDITORIAL: This rose doesn't stink
04/13/2015 10:31 AM EDT - We were as dismayed as anyone to learn from Dispatch columnist Christina Kauffman that our reputation on the Internet stinks. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Easy voting exists — elsewhere
04/10/2015 10:34 AM EDT - Last week we reminded our readers April 20 is the deadline to register to vote in time for next month's primary election. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Food truck fans
04/09/2015 09:26 AM EDT - Thumbs up: To York City Council for voting to legalize and regulate food trucks on city streets, despite a long debate about whether the mobile food units will drive the city's brick-and-mortar restaurants out of business. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Tough times, tough measures
04/07/2015 11:55 AM EDT - York City has had to make some tough decisions lately. More than a dozen city employees, including four firefighters, lost their jobs at the beginning of this year to help balance the budget. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Parents honor Ashlyn
04/16/2015 01:31 PM EDT - In the face of a terrible tragedy, local parents Scott and Karen Stambaugh have found the strength to reach beyond their grief and give to others in the name of their daughter, Ashlyn Stambaugh. Full Story

EDITORIAL: A waste of a law
04/02/2015 11:17 AM EDT - Two thumbs down: One goes to York City's administration and the other is for the residents who are throwing trash on sidewalks and other public spaces. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Beer drinkers, rejoice
03/30/2015 10:28 AM EDT - In a welcome act of expediency, the state Liquor Control Board has decided to allow distributers to split cases of beer to sell as 12-packs. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Rosie the role model
03/27/2015 11:14 AM EDT - Thumbs up: The Dallastown Area School District community should be proud of Rosie Arbittier. The high school junior noticed the district lacked after-school programs for special needs students and last year took it upon herself to meet that need. Full Story

Missing wedding ring plucked from dog doo, returned to owner

SITKA, Alaska (AP) — An Alaska woman suspected her family's dog snatched her wedding ring, but she couldn't find proof — until the diamond-encrusted platinum band turned up months later at a local ball field. Full Story
(Matthew Mead — The Associated Press)
Kickstarter launched for legendary Italian sauce

We've lost the woman who taught America to love Italian food, but her tomato sauce may soon live on at a grocer near you. Full Story
(Mark Schiefelbein/AP)
Chinese and foreign film producers sign deals worth $2.3B

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese and foreign film producers, companies and investment firms signed movie cooperation deals worth 13. Full Story