Robert L. Lindsey, Hanover, v. Patricia A. Lindsey, Spring Grove.

Elizabeth Valentin, York, v. Angel L. Valentin, Reading.

Louise M. Wise v. Lawrence A. Wise, both of Thomasville.

Emily Keja v. Genci Keja, both of York.

Mary A. Kraft, Red Lion, v. John E. Kraft II, Waynesburg, Green County.

Shirley Ann Craig v. Walter William Craig, both of Airville.

Mitchell McCracken, York, v. Hannah McCracken, Minot Air Force Base, N.D.

Olivia J. Landis v. John C. Landis Jr., both of Dover.

Svetlana Anatolieuna Hnypa, Manchester, v. Gocho Dophidze, York.


James M. Sampedro from Jennifer S. Kibler, formerly known as Jennifer S. Sampedro, both of York.

Brenda Danfelt from Robin Danfelt, both of York.

Andrea K. Dickman from Richard L. Dickman, both of York.

Marrisa J. Temple from Edward F. Temple, both of Hanover.

Richard C. Shelton Jr. from Tonya L. Shelton, both of York.

Beth Ann Trout from Byron W. Trout, both of Red Lion.

Teresa A. Dillon from Charles C. Dillon, both of Jacobus.

Dolly A. Rinehart from Wade E. Rinehart, both of Hanover.

Jessica M. Frantz, York, from Jason W. Frantz, Edgewood, Md.

Patricia M. Getsinger from Thomas C. Getsinger Jr., both of Stewartstown.

Brian Moxley from Tracey Moxley, both of Delta.

Nichole L. Groft from Joshua T. Groft, both of Wrightsville.

Jason E. Waltersdorff, New Freedom, from Christina M. Shaffer, Shrewsbury.

Timothy A. Griffin, Red Lion, from Jodi Mae Griffin, Dallastown.

Melissa M. Foss, Hallam, from Gregory M. Brown, Wrightsville.

Brennan C. Storms, York, from Melanie D. Storms, Westbury, N.Y.

Sierra N. Hickman, Spring Grove, from Tyler A. Hickman, Somerset.