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    Divorces for 4/24/14

    04/23/2014 04:19 PM EDT
    NEW CASES Sandra Glover v. James Glover: of York Haven and York. Jaime Marie Bradfield v. Scott Steven Bradfield: of Dallastown and York. 
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    Divorces for 4/23/14
    04/22/2014 03:44 PM EDT - NEW CASES Danielle B. Gonzalez v. Carlos Gonzalez-Ramirez: both of York. Chanae Clark v. Dennis Garcia: of Red Lion and Allentown. Full Story

    Divorces for 4/17/14
    04/16/2014 04:33 PM EDT - NEW CASES Kelly S. Meisenhelter v. Daniel E. Meisenhelter: both of York. Andrea L. Degges v. John R. Degges Jr. Full Story

    Divorces for 4/17/14
    04/16/2014 04:26 PM EDT - Dissolutions Lisa A. Mansperger from Douglas E. Mentlik: both of Glen Rock. James Wise from Elizabeth Wise: of York Haven and Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County. Full Story

    Divorces for 4/16/14
    04/15/2014 04:04 PM EDT - Dissolutions Angela Litz from David Litz: both of York. Melinda McMaster, formerly known as Melinda Preap, from Rith Preap: both of York. Full Story

    Divorces for 4/15/14
    04/14/2014 04:08 PM EDT - Dissolutions Fred R. Bingaman Jr. from Tobethela K. Bingaman: both of York. Louis C. Kauffman Jr. from Gail E. Full Story

    Divorces for 4/14/14
    04/13/2014 05:10 PM EDT - NEW CASES Cory R. Pooler v. Patricia L. Pooler: of Glen Rock and Dallastown. Tony Zang v. Jackie Zang: of York and Centre Hall, Centre County. Full Story

    Divorces for 4/7/14
    04/06/2014 04:21 PM EDT - NEW CASES Christopher James Flynn v. Kristen Ashley Flynn: of Fairview Township and East Earl, Lancaster County. Full Story

    Divorces for 4/4/14
    04/03/2014 05:20 PM EDT - NEW CASES Danielle Nicole Richcreek v. Leroy Eugene Richcreek Jr.: both of York. Michael Stem Jr. v. Athena Stem: both of New Freedom. Full Story

    Divorces for 4/2/14
    04/02/2014 04:38 PM EDT - NEW CASES Milagros D. Peguero v. Henry Peguero Ramirez: of York and Wilmington, Del. Adam W. Barefoot v. Full Story

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    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) — A cat that went missing five years ago has been reunited with its owner in Indiana thanks to an implanted microchip. Full Story
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