They snagged a spot on The Voice via the blind auditions.

They survived the battle round.

Next up for the surviving Season 4 contestants on The Voice: The knockout round.

In this round, each singer is again matched up against a teammate. But they perform solo. And there are no saves.

Follow the links below for profiles of the Season 4 contestants, complete with samples of their pre-Voice music.

The knockout rounds last for the next two weeks. Check back for live blogs at each Monday and Tuesday.


Amber Carrington

Amy Whitcomb

Caroline Glaser (Stolen from Team Blake)

Judith Hill

Midas Whale

Orlando Dixon (Stolen from Team Usher)

Sarah Simmons

Warren Stone

Lost in battle round

Agina Alvarez

Duncan Kamakana

Michael Austin

Patrick Dodd


Danielle Bradbery

Grace Askew

Holly Tucker

Justin Rivers

Luke Edgemon (Stolen from Team Shakira)

Savannah Berry

The Swon Brothers

Taylor Beckham (Stolen from Team Usher)

Lost in battle round

Christian Porter

Jacqui Sandell

Michelle Raitzin

The Morgan Twins

Trevor Davis


Garrett Gardner

Karina Inglesias (Stolen from Team Adam)

Kris Thomas

Mary Miranda

Monique Abbadie

Sasha Allen (Stolen from Team Adam)

Shawna P.

Tawyna Reynolds

Lost in battle round

Brandon Roush


Mark Andrew


Audrey Karrasch

C. Perkins (Stolen from Team Shakira)

Cathia (Stolen from Team Shakira)

Jess Kellner

Josiah Hawley

Michelle Chamuel

Ryan Innes


Lost in battle round

Chelsea M.

Jamila Thompson

Jeff Lewis

Jessica Childress