As a mix of classic rock played on her car radio, Anna Ermyer said she didn't feel brave for venturing out in the snow Wednesday morning.

"This is nothing," the 73-year-old York Township resident said.

York's biggest snowstorm of the year packed more bark than bite, Ermyer said, so she hit the quiet streets to finish some errands.

"There's nobody on the roads, and they're clear, so I figured I'd get my running done," she said.

Driving a Ford Focus hatchback, Ermyer made stops at Dunkin' Donuts, Giant and Sunoco in York Township before heading back to her house.

"We might get worse weather later, but so far I don't see what the fuss is about," she said.

Snowplow: But Duke Chronister had a different perspective.

After pulling into a Springfield Township Rutter's with a snow plow attached to the front of his truck, the 61-year-old Shrewsbury resident said he spent most of the morning clearing business driveways and side roads.

"It's bad out there. It's not the worst we've ever had, but it's the most we've had all year," Chronister said.

He said Shrewsbury, which is close to the Mason- Dixon Line and declared a state of emergency, got hit hard Wednesday morning by the winter storm.

"(Meteorologists) said the worst of it is headed for (Washington) D.C., but it's supposed to snow all day here. We're not out of the woods yet," Chronister said.

Coffee break: Further north, Joe Nagy said he had some shoveling to do when he woke up Wednesday morning.


"If I had to guess, we got a good 2 or 3 inches," the 48-year-old Spring Garden Township resident said.

While he took a coffee break at Sheetz in York Township, Nagy said he expected more accumulation later in the day.

"I've got plenty of salt and shovels, so I'm not too worried," he said. "I just hope the snow and wind don't cause power outages."

Joan Conley of Conewago Township, who stocked up on groceries at Weis Markets in North York on Tuesday evening, said she was ready for the storm food-wise.

But she was concerned about her electricity holding up.

"We had it happen before," she said. "Otherwise, I'm all set."

- Candy Woodall can also be reached at Staff reporter Eyana McMillan contributed to this report.