Yorkers can put away their snow boots and shovels in anticipation of the 50-degree weather for Friday and Saturday. But the snow gear should stay within arm's reach for possible snow accumulation Sunday night into Monday, according to AccuWeather.

Even Sunday will start with milder temperatures, probably about 40 degrees before any snow begins, said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Paul Walker.

How several storm pieces fit together will determine how much snow York receives Sunday night into Monday, Walker said. It's hard to tell how much will coat the county, he said, especially because possible sleet or rain could keep accumulation levels low.

AccuWeather's website is predicting 1-3 inches of snow right now.

Some of the uncertainty in how the storm will hit is because of the fickle nature of March weather, said National Weather Service meteorologist Paul Head.

"This is March now," Head said. "March is a whole different animal than winter."

If a storm system from the south and another colder one from the north meet, Head said Yorkers will see a white St. Patrick's Day. But those who don't want to shovel their driveway again should start hoping the storm stays to the south to greet areas such as Washington, D.C. instead, Head said.

If snow hits the York area, Head also conceded the amount will most likely be plowable. But he was hesitant to estimate the amount.


After all, Head said, the first predicted storm in March yielded little precipitation and the second storm ended with a lackluster rain shower.

"As far as amounts, it's tricky right now," Walker said.