Sometimes destiny plays a hand.

Rachel and Greg Kohr's 3-year-old son Eli was born on Tax Day. Their older son, Aaron, 5, was born on Flag Day in 2008.

Just after midnight on New Year's Day, the Springettsbury Township couple welcomed their daughter, Hannah Renee Kohr, into the world.

"She was predetermined to be some kind of day baby," said father Greg Kohr Wednesday afternoon.

Born at 12:25 a.m. at York Hospital, Hannah was York County's first baby of 2014.

Across town, Memorial Hospital welcomed its first baby of the year at 1:32 a.m., said Jason McSherry, a spokesman there.

New sibling: On Wednesday, the Kohrs and their two sons cooed over Hannah as she rested in her mother's arms.

With a stuffed animal in hand, Eli approached the bed Rachel Kohr was lying on.

"Maybe baby Hannah wants something soft," he said as he held up the stuffed animal.

Eli, Aaron and Hannah have more than just being siblings born on important days in common.

Their names all represent a relative's name, and the Kohrs picked Hannah to honor Rachel Kohr's cousin who died tragically early this year.

The "H" in Hannah stands for Hadar, Rachel Kohr's cousin Hadar Shalgi, an Israeli who was killed when she was struck by a car while on her honeymoon in Spain in March.

Greg Kohr also has a teenage son Connor from a previous relationship.

In another twist of destiny, Hannah means grace in Hebrew.

Rachel Kohr said she often signs "grace" on cards the family sends out. Grace is an acronym for Greg, Rachel, Aaron, Connor and Eli, she said.

No time: Greg Kohr said he was driving home from his job at Apple Acura Subaru, where he was recently named salesman of the year, Tuesday night when he got a call from his wife who was experiencing labor pains.

That was about 6 p.m., and by 10:45 p.m., the pair were at York Hospital.

Less than two hours later, their daughter was born. The birth happened so quickly Rachel Kohr said hospital staff didn't have enough time to give her an epidural.

In fact, the birth was such a hustle and bustle of activity that doctors and nurses didn't notice the clock had struck midnight.

But Rachel Kohr did. She said she was keeping an eye on the clock and wished everyone a Happy New Year as the new day and year began.

"It was very quick. Unbelievably quick," Greg Kohr said of the birth.

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