Chuck Noll
Chuck Noll

After more than 16 years behind the scenes of local government, York County chief clerk/administrator Chuck Noll was pulled to the podium Wednesday for some pre-retirement praise.

The 63-year-old, whose last full day with the county will be Jan. 2, became a topic of the county commissioners meeting when Darrell Auterson, president and CEO of the York County Economic Alliance, presented him with proclamations for his work on economic development.

Each county commissioner also took a few minutes at the end of the meeting to share memories and praise Noll for his roll as the chief financial officer for the county, a job which has included overseeing county departments based on the policy and administrative decisions made by the elected commissioners.

The position is responsible for preparing and presenting the county's annual half-billion-dollar budgets, the property tax rate for which has increased just once in five years.

Filling in: President County Commissioner Steve Chronister said the county has received resumes for the position, but it could take as long as a year to find the right individual. He and his fellow commissioners will assume more day-to-day management responsibilities until a replacement is found.

Chronister said the county might choose not to fill the position in the same capacity in which Noll served. Commissioners could split the position in two to create a management position and a finance position. Commissioners could also hire only the finance position and continue to field the management responsibilities by themselves, he said.

Office manager Sherry Baer will permanently take over the role and position of chief clerk, with her salary growing by $3,000, to $42,000. Her new responsibilities will include signing legal documents and other administrative tasks.

Noll has also agreed to stay on the county payroll part time, working up to 999 hours in 2014. He'll be paid $50 per hour to perform some of his current job duties, but Chronister said the taxpayers will still save $100,000 on Noll's benefits and annual salary if the position is vacant for the entire year.

Moving on: Noll said Wednesday he was pulled from the private sector by a previous board of commissioners nearly 17 years ago, leaving his job as vice president of finance at New York Wire in York to work for the county.

He said he was hired to try to bring a business mentality to county government, bringing business best practices to its administrative and organizational structure.

His legacy might be providing the framework and structure needed to encompass "sound and practical business standards" in the county, he said.

Noll said both he and his wife, a retired teacher and school administrator, have had long and successful work careers.

He wants to retire now so they can spend time with family and travel, taking advantage of their good health, mobility and finances, he said.

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