Roberta Janes Hines is going back to school.

Hines, a retired educator, resigned from the York City School Board, as she is moving to Phoenix, Ariz., to be a sixth-grade math teacher at Copper King Elementary School.

"I miss being in the classroom," Hines said after the school board meeting Wednesday. "I love working with kids. I love how they learn, how they begin to understand the concepts you put before them."

During the meeting, her fellow board members voted to accept her resignation, which goes into effect Thursday.

Hines received a standing ovation from district officials and meeting attendees.

The board also voted to appoint Sandie Walker to complete Hines' term which expires Dec. 7, 2015.

Walker recently completed her own four-year term on the board. She had decided not to seek another term when her seat was up.

Walker was not at the meeting Wednesday.

Hines' heart: Hines, who started teaching in 1979, had launched a write-in campaign in May 2011 to be elected to the school board. She was 55 at the time and just completed a three-decade plus career in city schools as a middle school math teacher and, most recently, as Edgar Fahs Smith principal.

Hines said that while she was committed to serving on the school board, she found that her heart was still in the classroom.

The educator said she started "putting out feelers" over the summer to see where teaching jobs were available.

"I wanted somewhere warm," Hines said. "There was a position available in Phoenix and I did a Skype interview for it."

Grateful for Hines: School board president Margie Orr said that agreeing to accept Hines' resignation was not one of her favorite votes.

"Jane is an asset to me," Orr said. "I hate to see her go. I wish her success in her new endeavors. We will miss (her)."

Eric Holmes, the district's superintendent, commended Hines for "spending the better part of her life" helping students as a teacher, a school official and a school board member.

"She did all those things that made education fun and school fun," Holmes said. "She created for students all those memories that will carry on in their lives."

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