The tax rate will hold steady for York County property owners under a 2014 final budget unanimously approved by county commissioners Wednesday. The budget calls for a tax rate of 4.52 mills, the same as this year, marking the fourth time in five years that the millage has stayed the same.

Vice President Commissioner Doug Hoke called the spending plan a "responsible budget," saying commissioners have worked to improve the county's credit rating, invested in energy efficiency, created treatment courts that diverted criminals from costly prison sentences, managed debt, and increased the use of technology to improve efficiency.

He said the county is "on the right road" for the future.

Details: The $476.7 million budget has a general fund of $190.6 million. The owner of a home assessed at $150,000 will continue to pay $678, which includes a $15.10 mill library tax.

President Commissioner Steve Chronister thanked county employees, particularly the department directors who worked to trim their budgets and help the commissioners maintain the tax rate.

"It's not just our budget," he said. "It's everybody's budget."

But not everybody will get what they had hoped in the coming year.

The York County Library System had asked commissioners to match donations through a fundraiser planned during the National Library Week in April.

Executive director Trish Calvani asked commissioners to contribute $1 for every $1 the library system raises through donations, up to $100,000,

So for example, if the library system is only able to raise $30,000, the county would only have to kick in $30,000.

But commissioners didn't include the request in the budget, and Chronister said the county can't afford to contribute more taxpayer money to the libraries.

He said the county has renewed the .10 mill library tax, and that generates $2.5 million for the libraries.

Commissioner Chris Reilly said the library system will have to make due with the money raised from the tax.

"I know they're in need, but we have a lot of other obligations and, as always, it's a balancing act," he said.

Calvani said the fundraiser she was asking commissioners to match will be canceled.

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