A 56-year-old Springettsbury Township pet store is closing its doors.

Gettys Pet Shop will close on Dec. 31.

"We can't keep going in this economy," said Sally Senft, co-owner of the shop at 2908 E. Market St.

Her father, Francis Gettys, opened the shop in 1957, and a lot has changed since then, Senft said.

"Every store now has pet items everywhere you go," she said.

But her biggest competition doesn't come from big box retailers, Senft said.

"When we really started seeing things go down hill was when people started getting computers," she said.

Attention: It wasn't that they were buying pets, food and supplies online. They were paying less attention to animals, Senft said.

"Computers were the new thing and everyone was on computers all the time, and they gave up aquariums and small animals," she said. "Business has been bad the last four or five years."

That's why she and her husband, Stanley Senft, are retiring at the end of the year, she said.

Her son, Wesley Senft, owns the business with his parents and will work for the state Department of Transportation once the shop closes, Sally Senft said.

Until it closes, the store will offer a 35 percent discount on most items. Live animals and feed will not be discounted.

A 9-week-old beagle is the only animal left at Gettys, Sally Senft said.

"We had two puppies sell today, and we've had calls about the beagle," she said. "She'll definitely sell before Christmas."

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