After several days of snow and cold, York County may be in for several warm days, rain and some flooding before the weather cools back down.

This weekend, temperatures are expected to reach at least 60 degrees by Sunday, said Brian Edwards, meteorologist with

"There will be a big warm-up by Sunday because we'll have much milder air coming in," he said. "The problem is with the mild air, there's going to be rain moving in Saturday afternoon and continuing right into Sunday morning."

There may also be dense fog in the area from Friday evening through early morning Saturday, Edwards said.

Could flood: The combination of the mild air, rain and the melting of remaining snow could lead to some localized flooding of roadways and small streams, Edwards said.

Aaron Tyburski, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said there is no major concern about flooding as snow melts over the next few days.

"We'll have several days of snow melt before the rain on Sunday," he said. "Depending on how much (snow) we have left on Saturday and Sunday, there could be some flood issues for the smaller creeks."

The warm temperature climb starts Thursday when high temperatures are expected to be about 40 degrees and then increase to close to 50 degrees on Friday, the two meteorologists said.

Tyburski said Saturday's high temperature will be near 60 degrees, while Edwards predicts the low 50s for that day.

Tyburski said Sunday's high temperature could reach the upper 60s.

Not unusual: While York County averages in the upper 30s for high temperature for December, having 60-degree weather this time of year is not unusual, Edwards said.

"We were in the 60s in the earlier part of the month," he said.

Last year, the high temperature on Dec. 21 was 57 degrees. December temperatures reached into the 60s in Dec. 2011, Edwards said.

Temperatures are expected to cool Monday, returning to the normal 30-degree range, he said.

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