It didn't take York Area Regional Police long to arrest a Dallastown man they say assaulted another man outside of a York Township bar early Saturday morning.

When officers arrived at the parking lot of Corner Stables, 2575 S. Queen St., about 2 a.m., several bystanders pointed out a man with a shaved head and wearing blue pants and a gray shirt.

The man, Ronald Stanley Rohrback Jr., 32, of 357 E. Main St., told a York Area Regional Police officer "I did it" before he put his hands behind his back and added, "Arrest me," according to his charging documents.

The officer quickly complied.

Rohrback is accused of assaulting Howard Hughes, who police found bloody and unconscious on the ground.

Question: But as the officer attempted to put an intoxicated Rohrback into the back of a patrol car, he began to resist and said to the officer, "I don't want a murder charge. He's not (going to) die is he," documents state.

With the help of a second officer, Rohrback was put into the patrol car and taken to the county's Central Booking unit for arraignment.

Rohrback is charged with two counts of harassment and one count each of aggravated assault, simple assault and terroristic threats. He is also cited with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct, according to the documents.

Bail was set at $25,000, according to the county's sheriff's department.

Hat in a bar: A witness told police that Rohrback was making comments to Hughes "about how he wears his hat inside the bar," according to the documents.

The witness tried to keep the peace but, at some point, Hughes and Rohrback went to the parking lot where Rohrback started "kicking and punching Hughes in the face," documents state.

The witness called 911 when he saw that Hughes wasn't responsive.

Another witness told officers that Hughes was backing away when Rohrback started punching him and Hughes fell to the ground, documents state.

Hughes suffered broken bones in his faces and a huge gash on his forehead. He was taken to York Hospital, documents state.

Hughes told an officer that he remembered getting punched and falling down but doesn't remember anything else, documents state.

A phone number for Rohrback couldn't be located and it's not clear if he retained an attorney.

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