A York-based nonprofit has started a program to prepare intellectually disabled adults for the local workforce.

Typical Life Corp. recently launched The Abby Factor, a pre-vocational training project that is teaching 19 students a range of skills needed for math, money, reading, socialization and more.

"The ultimate goal is for them to eventually find employment," said Martin Bentley Krebs, program manager for The Abby Factor.

The program, which operates from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday at 3093 N. George St., is named in honor of Abby Warfel, one of the people who helped start the organization 15 years ago.

Mission: Krebs said Typical Life's newest offering fits in with its mission statement: "To rescue individuals from institutionalization by providing extraordinary support so they can enjoy all life has to offer."

The support the nonprofit is providing now will help intellectually disabled adults who range in age from 20 to 60 know a sense of pride in having a job, he said.

"It means to them the same thing it means to everyone else," Krebs said.

Students of the new program will be ideal matches for jobs in warehousing, grocery stores, inventory, janitorial services and more, he said.

"We're allowing the individual to choose their own interests. In essence, they're writing their own program," Krebs said.

That program currently has a waiting list, he said.

The effort should also be well liked by employers, Krebs said.

"They'll be getting a very well-trained and loyal employee, and an employee with a support system. Once they're employed, it's not like we're done with them. We'll still be providing services," he said.

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