The Community Education Council has agreed on what to expect from potential

education providers if the York City School District buildings are converted to

charter schools.

The council, a volunteer group charged with overseeing the district's

state-mandated financial-recovery plan, met Wednesday at the district's

administration building.

Members of the council agreed that education providers should show evidence of

alignment of their curricula to Pennsylvania core standards.

Providers should also have discipline and safety plans and be able to show how

their plans worked in similar districts they have served.

The council plans to "go fishing" to find education providers that could

successfully serve the district, said David Meckley, the state-appointed chief

recovery officer.

No time frame has been established for the process, he said.

Preferred position: In the meantime, the Community Education Council is paying close attention to the

progress of the district's contract negotiation with the York City Education

Association, the teachers union.

The association has not yet agreed to a new collective-bargaining agreement with

the district.

The district's hoped-for recovery plan -- known as the internal-transformation model -- was proposed by

union and administration leaders and approved by Meckley.

That plan outlines "workforce savings" required to achieve the district's

financial goals. It includes wage reductions between 5 and 15 percent, depending

on an employee's job. During the next five years, teachers would see decreases of

up to 11.9 percent, according to the plan.

The district cannot move forward with the internal-transformation model without a

collective-bargaining agreement that reflects the recovery plan, Meckley said.

He said the district cannot achieve fiscal solvency without concessions from the


Without a bargaining agreement, the district would be looking at a 100 percent

charter school conversion, he said.

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