This is a photo of Smoki, the Kessler family’s missing dog.
This is a photo of Smoki, the Kessler family's missing dog. (Submitted)

Life at the Kessler house hasn't been the same since the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

That's the day one of their dogs, a miniature collie called Smoki, went missing and the family believes someone stole her from the backyard of their West York home.

"Smoki is not the type to come up to somebody unless they have treats," said Kassie Kessler, adding the 9-month-old pooch hasn't been known to leave the family's yard.

Since the dog went missing, Kessler and her family have put out "missing" posters throughout the borough, gone around the neighborhood searching and gone online to Facebook to spread the word.

West York's BARK (Borough Animal Response Krew) also got involved and have been investigating the disappearance, said its founder Shelley Metzler, who also serves on the borough council.

"Someone has to have seen her," Metzler said.

Missing: Kessler's husband, Dave, let Smoki and the family's other dog, Brew, also a miniature collie, out to the backyard on Nov. 30. When he opened the door to let them in, he thought both dogs came in and Smoki went under a piece of furniture as she normally does.

But she didn't.

The Kesslers' five children have been hit hard by the disappearance, as has Brew.

"She doesn't play anymore," Kessler said of the dog. "I won't let her out of the house by herself."

In the nearly two weeks since tan and white Smoki went missing, Metzler said no dogs matching her description have been turned into the York County SPCA, leading her to believe Smoki was stolen.

Breeding: Kessler, who received the dog as a present from her husband in May, said a possible motive could be breeding. A purebred miniature collie is worth between $800 to $1,000 and at 9 months, Smoki is nearing breeding age, she said.

Though borough police are aware of the incident, Metzler said BARK is taking the lead in the investigation.

Since the dog went missing, Metzler said she's been driving around during parts of the day and night in search of the dog.

Metzler and Kessler are hoping someone saw Smoki since the end of November and will alert BARK to her whereabouts.

"No questions asked. We just want this dog back," Metzler said.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Smoki is asked to contact BARK founder Shelley Metzler at (717) 880-2957, or at

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