Parking meters could be going back up in West York after a new council takes its seat come the new year.

During a town hall meeting Monday, Councilman Brian Wilson said the newly elected council members are expected to readdress the parking meter issue and the 2014 budget when the council reorganizes in January.

Wilson added that the five people who will make up the council all appear to be in favor of both initiatives.

"I'm hoping they bring back the meters because it was good revenue for West York," said resident Dave Jennings.

Earlier this month the council narrowly approved having all meters in the borough removed. The meters were located on a section of West Market Street from the line with York City to Seward Street.

More meetings: About 25 residents attended the town hall meeting, held at the borough's fire station. They were introduced to Mary Wagner and Nick Laughman, who were elected to the council in November; incumbents Brian Wilson and Shelley Metzler, who won reelection; incumbent Annette "Chickie" Christine; and mayor-elect Charles "Chuck" Wasco.

The town hall meeting was the first in a series of meetings planned to be held throughout the year.

Wilson said individual council members will hold such meetings every other month to keep residents abreast of borough business and to receive feedback.

"We want to get some input from you" he said.

Budget: The new council is expected to readdress the $3.5 million budget that was passed earlier this month. The sitting council was able to stave off a tax increase by pulling just over $400,000 from the sewer fund to cover a shortfall.

At the time of the its passage, Wilson said using some of the more than $3 million in the sewer fund to cover expenses was not a wise decision.

"I think we should reopen the budget ... make it sweeter," he said.

As part of the second look at the budget, the new council will look into giving a pay increase to employees who had wages slashed two years ago.

During 2012 budget talks, administrative and highway department employees agreed to a 4 percent pay cut, but an additional 6 percent cut was tacked into that, bringing the total cut to each employee's pay to 10 percent. The cuts saved the borough roughly $14,000, and pay hasn't been restored since.

It remains to be seen exactly how much of an increase the employees will receive Laughman said.

"They're going to get something back," he said.

Down two: Sitting council members Steve Herman, Nancy Laird, Tim Berkheimer and Shane Louthian did not attend the town hall meeting. Louthian and Berkheimer were voted out of office and Herman and Laird announced earlier this month that they will resign their posts at year's end.

That means the new council has until the end of January to appoint two people to the positions.

With the new faces on council comes the promise of more civil meetings. Over the past two years, council meetings have been marred with angry exchanges, a blaring airhorn and heated confrontations.

Wagner said she was inspired to run for office after she attended meetings and saw residents being ignored by the council.

"We're not going to do that," she said. "We're going to let you speak."

Council applications open: Applications to fill two soon-to-be open seats on the West York council are now being accepted at the borough building, 1700 W. Philadelphia St.

Earlier this month, council members Steve Herman and Nancy Laird announced they will resign their posts at year's end.

In order to be considered for the seats, candidates must have lived in the borough for at least a year, be at least 18 years old and pass a background check.

The council will begin its search when it meets again on Jan. 6 and has until the end of the month to appoint two new members.

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