It's doubtful a Red Lion man knew the shop he was allegedly shoplifting from on Saturday is owned by a martial artist and a former boxer.

But Shawn Frazier found that out quite quickly after he allegedly pulled a knife on Tom Anderton, owner of Tom's Music Trade, as Anderton attempted to retrieve CDs Frazier was trying to steal.

Anderton said he grabbed for the knife and a struggle ensued. The result was a bloodied and bruised Frazier being led away by York Area Regional Police in handcuffs.

"I just punched him in the face and tried to get the knife," Anderton said.

Now Frazier, 45, of 233 N. Franklin St., is charged with robbery and retail theft, according to his charging documents.

He is free on $10,000, according to the York County Sheriff's Office.

What happened: According to charging documents, Anderton told police that Frazier came into the 57 N. Main St. store as it was opening about 11 a.m. Saturday and was looking at CDs.

At one point in his more than two hours of browsing in the store, Frazier had a stack of CDs and a DVDs but when he approached the counter, he had just one CD he wanted to purchase, documents state.

Anderton said a number of CDs were in Frazier's pocket but when Anderton asked for the CDs back, Frazier refused and started for the door.

When Anderton, who had moved from behind the counter, began to pull CDs from Frazier's pocket, Frazier pulled a knife on him, Anderton said.

"It was a big knife. It was no joke," Anderton said. "I just went for his arm, went for the knife."

During the scuffle Anderton, who boxed in his native England and took up martial arts and cage fighting a few years ago, said he punched Frazier in the face.

Another customer pried the knife from Frazier's hand, and a second customer called 911, documents state.

Shook up: Anderton restrained the disarmed Frazier until police arrived.

Frazier's injuries include a bloodied mouth, a black and blue eye and some missing teeth.

A responding officer found a cassette tape and DVD on Frazier. Police also recovered a folding knife from the scene, documents state.

Anderton said his first thought when he saw the knife was protecting his 12-year-old daughter who was helping out at the shop.

"It was really scary," he said, adding he, his daughter and the customers were shaken up by what happened. "I wish this didn't happen but I'm glad it went the way it did."

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