A steep hill on Windsor Road in Windsor Township proved impassable for many vehicles Sunday afternoon, 20 of which ended up wrecked on and alongside the road, according to a Windsor Township resident.

"It looked like a used-car lot," Ame Kessler said.

Kessler, who is an area Humane Society police officer and runs Aglyphic Creatures Rescue, was involved in one of a number of crashes that took hours to clear, she said.

Kessler said she and her family were at the top of the hill and were going slow, waiting for cars in front of them to make it down the hill before Kessler continued on.

"We were in a Hummer, so I thought we'd be fine," she said.

Rear-ended: Then a vehicle in front of them started to lose control, so Kessler said she slowed down. That caused the driver behind her to lose control and rear-end her, she said. Her Hummer was pushed into the embankment and the car that struck it kept sliding down the hill, she said.

"He did 360s the whole way down the hill and hit two cars at the bottom," she said.

It happened about 1 p.m., according to Kessler, but the area was such a mess it took nearly six hours for police to clear the area so she could drive away.

"It was three hours till York Area Regional (Police) could even get there," she said. "I could not move because there were cars all around me. I didn't get home till after 7 o'clock."

"People were falling everywhere," Kessler said, and cars were sliding all over.

Vehicles everywhere: The Windsor Road hill -- between the Windsor Township building and Route 24 -- was littered with vehicles stuck on ice, she said.

Kessler said as she waited for the area to clear, she watched several other crashes, including a hit-and-run wreck, she said.

She said she didn't see anyone who appeared to be significantly hurt, but said she saw an elderly woman who was in one vehicle taken inside a nearby home.

A York Area Regional SUV parked about halfway up the hill just began sliding backward on its own, sliding into another vehicle and pushing it down the hill, according to Kessler.

A state Department of Transportation truck that arrived to put down anti-skid material also had problems with the hill, she said.

Kessler said a fellow law-enforcement officer who happened by took Kessler's young grandson home so he didn't have to wait at the scene.

Cops kept busy: York Area Regional Sgt. Jeff Dunbar said icy conditions kept officers running from crash to crash on Sunday.

He didn't have any specific information on the Windsor Road situation, but said he wasn't surprised it was a mess.

"When one car gets into an accident on Windsor Road at that hill, traffic just backs up," he said. "They try to get over that hill and they get in above their heads before they know it.

"When you have one accident there, you usually have more."

-- Reach Liz Evans Scolforo at levans@yorkdispatch.com.