The York City School District's school board has re-elected Margie Orr to serve as the board's president for another year.

Michael Miller will resume his role as the board's vice president. Orr and Miller were elected to their leadership positions at a board meeting Wednesday.

What's unclear is whether the Rev. Aaron Willford will take his seat on the board.

Willford, who resigned from the board in May, was elected to a four-year term in November.

At the time of his resignation, Willford cited "the vindictiveness of the leadership of our board."

"We have incapable leadership. I feel like I'm wasting my time," he said at the time. "The district's going to hell."

Willford has not responded to requests for comment since the November election.

At Wednesday's meeting, district solicitor Jeff Gettle said Willford has 10 days to take the oath of office, or the board can declare the seat vacant and appoint someone else. The 10-day clock started ticking Monday, Gettle said.

The other board members elected to four-year terms in November include incumbents Orr, Jose Santiago and Glenn Medice, who prevailed in a write-in campaign.

Diane Glover-Brown and Michael Breeland, also incumbents, were elected to two-year terms.

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