The Christ Child has returned to the West York yard from which he was stolen.

Randy Campbell said he discovered the baby Jesus figure had been returned when he went outside to walk his dog about 7 p.m. Wednesday, two days after it was stolen.

"I looked over to the side of the house and was like, 'What the heck is that? It's baby Jesus,'" Campbell said.

Campbell said he and wife Veronica Davy have been putting out the colorful creche for about a decade at their home in the 1400 block of Filbert Street, and this was the first time a figure was stolen from it.

The painted concrete figure was stolen Monday morning, the same day Campbell's 63-year-old sister, Susan Myers, died from a medical issue, he said.

After Campbell discovered the figure missing, he put a sign out with the remaining Nativity figures that read, "Please put baby Jesus back. Thank you."

Who done it? The sign appeared to have worked, Campbell said, adding the thief or thieves may have returned the figure after the theft appeared in the news.

The reappearance of the baby Jesus caught Campbell, who figured the figure would have met a disfiguring fate, off guard.

"I thought it would be broken by now," he said.

Campbell didn't contact police about the theft because he didn't want to get anyone in trouble, but he had a message for the thief or thieves:

"Please return it ... and no questions will be asked," he previously told The York Dispatch. "You don't even have to show your face."

The Jesus figure returned just as mysteriously as it disappeared.

Campbell said he has no idea who took it. But he figured someone from the neighborhood, likely kids, stole baby Jesus.

Tradition: Davy decorates for every holiday, her husband said, but the Nativity scene is especially important to her.

Campbell said their children, grandchildren and neighbors all enjoy the Christmas decorations.

"Everybody in the neighborhood always says how pretty the house looks," he said.

Campbell and Davy will keep putting out their creche.

The only difference, Campbell said, is that they will likely keep their spotlight turned on at night.

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