A deer apparently seeking refuge, or perhaps spiritual guidance, leapt into an East Manchester Township church Tuesday afternoon.

Karen Heath, secretary of St. Paul United Methodist Church, was in her office when the wayward deer jumped through the office window about 3:45 p.m., said Chuck Sprenkle, pastor of the church.

"It came crashing, very loud crashing, through the window," Sprenkle said. "It was unbelievable."

After its smashing entrance, the deer ran into a nearby room and then promptly back to the window and escaped back through the roughly 36-inch high by 60-inch wide window and was on its way.

Commotion: Sprenkle wasn't in the office but heard the commotion, went to investigate and saw the deer leaving.

"It (the deer) was a good size rascal," the pastor said.

The close encounter of with four-legged, furry kind was at least the second for the church.

A deer was found dead at the front of the church last year. The deer died after it apparently ran into a glass door, Sprenkle said.

As for the most recent run-in, the deer appeared to have cut itself on glass.

Sprenkle said the only damage done to the church was to the smashed window.

The broken glass was cleaned up Tuesday, and Sprenkle said he's working to have the window glass replaced.

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