The West York council has passed a 2014 budget that doesn't include a tax increase.

The tax rate will remain at 6.5 mils as part of the $3.5 million budget that passed Monday. That means the owner of a property assessed at $100,000 will pay $650 in local municipal tax.

The budget passed 5-2 with council members Brian Wilson and Shelley Metzler voting against.

To balance the budget, just over $400,000 will be directed to the general fund from the sewer fund.

Wilson said he doesn't believe using sewer fund money to supplement the general fund is a wise decision.

"Pulling money from the sewer fund, that's not the right step to take," he said after the meeting.

However, Steve Herman, council president, previously said the $3 million in the sewer fund more that covers the $2 million that's recommended to be maintained in the fund to cover a catastrophic event.

Expenses: The largest line item in the budget is earmarked for public safety. That tally stands at $1.5 million.

Anticipated in the budget is a surplus of more than $600.

The budget, however, does not include restoring pay to some of its employees who saw pay cut two years ago.

During 2012 budget talks, administrative and highway department employees agreed to a 4 percent pay cut, but an additional 6 percent cut was tacked into that cut, bringing the total cut to each employee's pay to 10 percent.

The cuts saved the borough roughly $14,000, and pay hasn't been restored since.

West York has the second-highest municipal tax rate in the county behind York City, which has a rate of 20.37 mills.

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