Enishia Bradley
Enishia Bradley

The stepdaughter of York County's convicted Motel 6 strangler pleaded guilty Monday to her role in the 2010 crime, which was limited to possessing items her stepfather stole from his victim.

"She had no involvement in the murder," defense attorney Scott McCabe said. "None at all."

Enishia Bradley, 25, of York, pleaded guilty to theft and receiving stolen property. In exchange for her plea other charges were dismissed.

Sentencing is set for Feb. 3, according to court records. Her attorney said there is no agreed-upon sentence.

Her stepfather, Tracey Raynard Bradley, was convicted in September 2012 of first-degree murder, robbery, theft and other offenses.

Tracey Bradley
Tracey Bradley

The murder: He killed 72-year-old Lee Choppin of Roanoke, Va., inside Choppin's room at the Motel 6 on Arsenal Road in Manchester Township about 7:45 a.m. May 24, 2010.

At the time, Tracey Bradley and wife Deleanmus Bradley were homeless and staying at the motel, and Enishia Bradley, Deleanmus' daughter, was living with them, Northern York County Regional Police have said.

During a three-hour videotaped confession, Tracey Bradley told police he put Choppin in a "sleeper hold" until Choppin stopped struggling. He also said he committed the robbery to get money for his family.

Life sentence: Tracey Bradley, 49, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, plus 13-1/2 to 27 years.

"I hope the resolution of this case brings closure to both the Bradley family and the Choppin family," McCabe said.

Enishia Bradley initially was a candidate for York County's Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program, which allows first-time nonviolent offenders to avoid conviction by instead completing court-ordered requirements.

District Attorney Tom Kearney said in 2010 that was because she was cooperating with authorities, including telling police her stepfather told her, "And the man is no more," meaning he had killed Choppin.

'Forgot' statement: But around the time of Tracey Bradley's murder trial, she claimed she couldn't remember him making that statement, so she was no longer a cooperating witness, Kearney said Monday. She was not called to testify against her stepfather at trial.

Then a second issue complicated her case.

"I became aware from the (Pennsylvania) Attorney General's Office that they had received a tape recording of my conversation with her ... shortly before trial," Kearney said.

Illegal tape: Enishia Bradley audiotaped one of her conversations with Kearney -- the one in which she said she couldn't remember her stepfather making an incriminating statement -- then sent the tape to the attorney general's office, saying Kearney was trying to pressure her, according to Kearney.

"I suspect she knew ... she was going to 'forget' this (information) and chose to illegally record me because she thought I'd go ballistic," Kearney said. "I did not."

It's illegal in Pennsylvania to audiotape another person without that person's permission, the district attorney confirmed.

Because of Enishia Bradley's allegation against him, Kearney asked the attorney general's office to take over the prosecution of her case, he said.

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