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    Births for Dec. 30, 2014

    01/02/2015 03:27 PM EST
    YORK HOSPITAL Pearl White and Bradley Mather: of Mount Wolf, Dec. 26, a son. Brandi (Holtzapple) and Jason Snyder: of Red Lion, Dec. 
    Full Story
    Births for Dec. 31, 2014
    01/02/2015 03:26 PM EST - YORK HOSPITAL Capricia Jones: of York, Dec. 26, a daughter. Stephanie Deleon-Silva and Damu Alfred: of York, Dec. Full Story

    Births for Dec. 23, 2014
    12/23/2014 07:11 AM EST - YORK HOSPITAL Jessica Rojas-Montague and David Montague: of York, Dec. 20, a daughter. Elizabeth and Nathan Calaman: of Yoe, Dec. Full Story

    Births for Dec. 22, 2014
    12/22/2014 07:11 AM EST - YORK HOSPITAL Sabrina (Billet) and Andrew Lecrone: of York, Dec. 16, a son. Melissa (Dorer) and Jeremy Myers: of Loganville, Dec. Full Story

    Births for Dec. 19, 2014
    12/19/2014 07:51 AM EST - YORK HOSPITAL Lindsay Schmoyer and Kumar Vipul: of York, Dec. 16, a daughter. Heather (King) and Richard Kohler: of New Oxford, Dec. Full Story

    Births for Oct. 18, 2014
    12/18/2014 07:15 AM EST - YORK HOSPITAL Lacy (Smith) and Jason Deller: of Dallastown, Dec. 15, a son. Magali Toledo and Miguel Granadillo: of York, Dec. Full Story

    Births for Dec. 17, 2014
    12/17/2014 07:37 AM EST - YORK HOSPITAL Maria (McLoota) and Garry Himes: of Mount Wolf, Dec. 14, a daughter Jen (Kitner) and Justin Findley: of Red Lion, Dec. Full Story

    Births for Dec. 16, 2014
    12/17/2014 07:32 AM EST - YORK HOSPITAL Christina Thompson and Guy Verdinelli: of Red Lion, Dec. 12, a son. Aliana (Fisher) and Neftali Casiano: of York, Dec. Full Story

    Births for Dec. 15, 2014
    12/15/2014 07:12 AM EST - YORK HOSPITAL Jordynea Hill and Joshua Kline Jr.: of York, Dec. 10, a son. Jennifer (Crone) and Delane Leedy III: of Dover, Dec. Full Story

    Births for Dec. 12, 2014
    12/12/2014 07:39 AM EST - YORK HOSPITAL Samantha Beltz and Rakeem Tatum: of York, Dec. 8, a daughter. Chanda (Cornish) and Arnold Brown-Miller: of York, Dec. Full Story

    (Submitted photos)
    Mount Wolf woman's shoofly pie best in Pennsylvania (with recipe)

    Few things are as quintessentially American as state fairs, and few things are as quintessentially Pennsylvanian as the Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy shoofly pie. Full Story
    (Chris Pizzello/Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)
    Sundance Watch: Franco falls in love, Reed coy on engagement

    PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — The Associated Press is all over the Sundance Film Festival, from its premieres to the Hollywood glitz. Full Story